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Finagricola and the certifications of the supply chain

Finagricola has built its commercial policy on the total transparency of the production and distribution process. In fact, since its inception, it has activated an open communication system with the market to allow consumers and distributors to retrace the temporal and spatial process followed by each of its products and to ensure total traceability of the supply chain. All this, even before the traceability of foodstuffs became mandatory, on 1 January 2005, with the entry into force of Community Regulation no. 178/2002 Art.18.

The traceability of Finagricola production is certified by UNI EN ISO 22005, the agri-food chain certification, which aims to determine the history and origin of the product, identifying all the organizations involved, from the nursery production phase to that of cultivation in the field, up to industrial transformation, and strengthening the company food safety system, with a consequent increase in the number and completeness of the information available on the realization of the products and the simplification of the verification of the information concerning the cultivation and transformation practices of the same. Traceability therefore makes it possible to reconstruct the entire process of the food item, stage by stage, and to know information such as the plot of origin, the care and cultivation techniques, the controls, the logistical path followed and much more.

Finagricola also enjoys two quality certifications in the supply chain of large-scale retail trade (GDO): one for Great Britain, the BRC (British Retail Consortium); and the other at an international level, the IFS (International Food Standard). The certification of compliance with these standards is recognized by all operators in the agri-food chain, and in particular by the GDO, to evaluate the ability of their suppliers to produce safe food, to correctly manage product quality and to satisfy customer needs.

In short, today Finagricola is able to certify, through supply chain certifications, what have always been its reference values, a further guarantee of the quality and safety of the products it brings to the tables.