Finagricola Soc. Coop.

Avenue Spagna, 8

I. A. - 84091 Battipaglia (SA)

Campania - Italy

VAT N.: IT 02189960657

REA: 210709

EU - Funded Campaign

Pomodori selezionati e coltivati in Italia

Lamberti food training and tasting

Wonderful day of training and tasting at the Finagricola Cooperative in Battipaglia to get to know better and promote, thanks to the sales force of Lamberti Food, the high-quality line of Cosi Com’è tomatoes.

The Cosi Com’è #tomatoes, grown by Finagricola in its 300 hectares of land in the fertile and sunny #PianadelSele, embrace only the best varieties of small #tomatoes: #Datterinogiallo, #Datterinorosso and #Pizzutello.

Indispensable for those seeking the excellence of simple flavours, the Cosi Com’è cherry tomatoes have long been part of our vast range of products. ➡ www.lambertifood.it