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Pomodori selezionati e coltivati in Italia

The research for the nutritional improvement of the product

Constant analysis and research is an essential element today for those who work in the agricultural sector and we at Finagricola know it well. As we know that one of the primary purposes to which this activity must be oriented is the nutritional improvement of the product.

The universe of consumers, in fact, is increasingly aware and careful in food choices. According to the Food Trend Report by Thermomix® and Mintel, not only are Italians increasingly oriented towards choosing sustainable ingredients and reducing food waste, but they also tend to have a more holistic approach to nutrition: they think about prevention and how to age in a healthy way.

In Europe, consumers are interested in the health benefits related to different foods, such as improved sleep, reduced anxiety and aided relaxation. In Italy, for example, 35% of the consumers interviewed look for healing elements in food for hair and skin health. And over 60% of those interviewed at European level are aware that food style has a direct impact on not only physical, but also mental and emotional well-being. And so, the search for a balanced diet that promotes mental, physical and emotional health has become a primary objective: between 38 and 43% of those interviewed declare themselves willing to make a radical change in lifestyle.

For these reasons, analysis and research must increasingly move towards solutions capable of reconciling the organoleptic properties of foods with nutritional ones, so that foods are good and at the same time have more and more beneficial effects on health.