Finagricola Soc. Coop.

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I. A. - 84091 Battipaglia (SA)

Campania - Italy

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Pomodori selezionati e coltivati in Italia

How We Work



After being selected by Finagricola’s experts, the seeds of the best varieties of fruit and vegetables are sprouted with care and attention in our own nursery.

The high quality of the plants, thanks to careful irrigation, control of environmental parameters and reliable delivery, are the prerequisites for growing healthy and robust plants that guarantee our members a perfect start to their crops, providing all the necessary conditions for an optimal harvest.



Finagricola cultivates according to nature, adopting cultivation techniques with a low environmental impact, such as integrated pest management, which makes it possible to have products with low residues or even no plant protection product residues.

The use of tunnels makes it possible to protect our crops from adverse weather conditions and pests so as to make more efficient use of water resources and minimise the use of plant protection products.

Cultivation techniques are tailored to each vegetable to ensure an optimal product in terms of shape, colour and, above all, taste.

Each crop is labour-intensive, as all cultivation operations (tying, topping and thinning), including harvesting, are carried out manually. Everything has only one objective, to have fruit that is controlled in growth and harvested only at the right time of ripening.



Finagricola’s laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and a highly professional team that constantly carries out analysis and research, controlling all crucial steps from sowing in the nursery to production in the field and in the factory.

Starting with water and soil, the controls continue with multi-residual and heavy metal analyses, as well as microbiological analyses and shelf life tests for both fresh and preserved product. Our laboratory is also Accredia and QS certified.

Fresh Processing

Fresh Processing

Within the plant, the vegetable sorting process continues carefully through the use of optical sorting machines, so that only the best reaches the tables of our consumers.

Machines are available for different types of packaging: flow pack, film tray and screening.

The work of packing is essential for safe and quick transport, to reach distribution with the different sizes and formats, for convenient use.

Processing of preserves

Processing of preserves

Our processing plant is among the most modern, and we use state-of-the-art technology to maintain the organoleptic characteristics: from enzymatic inactivation (hot break) to homogenisation of the juice.

Our peeling system is specially designed for small fruits, to enjoy them intact and juicy.

Our pasteurisation method involves low-temperature processing, designed to subject the product to minimum stress in order to leave the fresh tomato’s aroma and flavour intact as if it had just been picked.