Finagricola Soc. Coop.

Avenue Spagna, 8

I. A. - 84091 Battipaglia (SA)

Campania - Italy

VAT N.: IT 02189960657

REA: 210709

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Pomodori selezionati e coltivati in Italia

Logo Finagricola

is a cooperative of 10 members with a production base of 31 farms.

For two generations it has been committed to a careful selection of varieties, based mainly on the recovery and valorisation of typical local products, with the sole aim of organoleptic quality and control of the supply chain.

Our Brands

Logo GranGusto

A name and a story born from the desire to represent the product in a natural way, exactly as you see it, without added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers.

Prodotti realizzati solo con i frutti migliori di Datterino giallo, Datterino rosso e Pizzutello.

The perfect brand for Foodservice. A story of passion and love for the land.

Products that evoke the excellence of Mediterranean cuisine, represent its simplicity and make the true taste of tradition contemporary.

Linfadoro is synonymous with excellence in the world of fresh salads. 

Attention to food traceability is a fundamental point in our company philosophy, because we believe in the importance of knowing the origin of our products.

Finagricola can count on more than 300 hectares of carefully protected and directly controlled cultivation, so as to guarantee a 100% Italian product, from the seed to the sealing of the jar.


the identity of a territory

always fresh

the fruits of a territory

control and research

the future of a territory

Latest News

Science meets food

With two important investments, Finagricola continues its climb towards agriculture 4.0. These are two new technologies: the first is a Maf Roda optical grader with a capacity of 100 quintals per hour; the second concerns the sanitization process of the…

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