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Pomodori selezionati e coltivati in Italia

Green Pepper

Pomodoro Cuore di Bue


June ⇔ December

A fruit with an elongated shape and thick, fleshy flesh, from the Solanaceae family, it is green because it is harvested before it is fully ripe and therefore before turning yellow or red.

It has a more acidic and pungent taste and is less sweet than other peppers.

Very rich in vitamin C, eaten raw it is the ideal source of this vitamin due to the presence of carotene, which facilitates its absorption.

Thanks to the presence of potassium, it has a diuretic action.

The combination of vegetable fibre and aspartic acid gives it satiating power. It also has strong depurative properties.

Green peppers are particularly suitable for eating cooked, and in particular for baking or pan-frying, as well as for preserving in oil.